Environmental Monitoring Instruments

Grenhouse gasses (GHG)

Air quality monitoring (AQM)

Emission monitoring (CEMS)

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We cooperate and are distributors for 

Los Gatos Reserach

The world leader in high performance analyzers for measurements of trace gasses and isotopes. 

Tekran Instruments

The Leader in Mercury Analysis Systems


Global leader in air quality, process gas instrumentation

RAE Systems

Global leader in gas detection and harzadus vapours.

Fives Pillards

Dust monitors for exhaust gas


Leader in portable level gauging (UTI) and sampling.


Continue Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Marine CEMS (SO2/CO2)

In cooperation with our partners we provide our customers with markets best quality environmental monitoring instruments and systems.

We supply Marine CEMS and CEMS for landbased applications


More than 40 years in the service of environmental monitoring.

Instrumatic was founded in 1977 and during all the years our focus has been development, sales and servicing of air quality measuring instruments for research institutes and universities, marine, industry and energy sector.

The product program includes both proprietary products and products from leading partners on the market.

The company specializes in monitoring solutions and service of:

Continuous emission monitoring CEMS / CEMS for Marine SO2/CO2.
Air quality monitoring and measuring equipment

Trace gas analysis, Isotopic gases and water.

Hg analysis & measurement

Greenhouse gases

Particle monitoring and measurement.
Service / Maintenance



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