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Instrumatic represents ABB LGR in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the product range for Environmental & Research

The ABB LGR product line offers a wide range of real-time gas measurement solutions tailored for environmental and research monitoring needs.

Whether you require portable or rack-mounted analyzers, ABB LGR has you covered.

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All ABB LGR-ICOS analyzers are powered by a groundbreaking laser absorption technology known as Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS). This patented ABB innovation offers numerous advantages over traditional laser-based techniques. While it disrupts long-established measurement technologies such as lead acetate tapes, chilled mirrors, NDIR, FTIR, electrochemical sensors, gas chromatography, paramagnetic sensors and mass spectrometry in various applications, it also delivers unprecedented benefits.

Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy was first pioneered as an ultra-sensitive detection method by LGR’s (now ABB) founder, Anthony O’Keefe, in 1988 in the form of CRDS. However, this first-generation technique came with inherent limitations, including sub-nanometer alignment requirements for its internal optics. This translated into high costs, reliability issues and vulnerability to vibrations, temperature and pressure changes.

To overcome these challenges, their dedicated scientists developed and patented a fourth-generation cavity-enhanced laser absorption technology, known as OA-ICOS. This breakthrough represents the latest advancement in tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. OA-ICOS offers superior performance and reliability while being significantly less sensitive to internal component alignment and variations in local temperature and pressure. As a result, OA-ICOS is the ideal choice for commercial instruments, even in the most demanding applications in remote and hazardous environments.

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